Bankrupt Your Student Loans
and other discharge strategy
Chuck Stewart, Ph.D.

Chuck Stewart, Ph.D.

Successfully bankrupted $54,000 in student loans.

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This area of the website provides information for persons who have purchased Bankrupt Your Student Loans and Other Discharge Strategies. These resources are designed to help in your effort to discharge your student loans. We welcome any comments you have toward improving this section.

Documents and References
Many of the documents, worksheets, pleading forms, and more found in the Appendix are here for download. This will aid in creating documents on your own computer and printing copies for your personal use. Be advised that all documents are copyrighted and you are given the permission to use them for your personal use only.

Video Instruction
A series of videos have been created by the author to help clarify the efforts to discharge student loans. These video follow, step-by-step, the process described in the book.

Changes from Earlier Editions
Bankrupt Your Student Loans and Other Discharge Strategies is in its third edition. If you have purchased an earlier edition, you are welcome to review the major changes as they may apply to your situation.

Discussion Forum
See if others have discussed your issue or create your own thread to which others can respond. Together, we can help each other. The author occasionally reviews this discussion.

Included in the Forum, an opportunity to share your student loan story. Maybe other readers can suggest strategies to help solve your problems. It would be great to hear stories from those who were successful at bankrupting or otherwise having their student loans discharged.

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